100 crypts

12 steps for resolving level 24

level 24

The solution to level 24 of 100 crypts is one of the most difficult to know, one could say that is one of the most complex levels between levels 20 and 30, its complexity is based practically on the way to execute the solution. Upon entry to this level, you will see a console with [...]

Level 20, ¿how to resolve the level ?

level 20

If you’ve reached level 20 of the game, you’ll realize that it’s easier than you thought. With this tutorial you can overcome the level quickly and more easily. It will be like a glove, here we explain how resolve this level and how to overcome it in a fast and simple. Before starting with level [...]

How to solve level 18

level 18

The level 18 of the game is one of the simplest of the game, this is a fantastic game that offers for iOS and Android platforms. The solution is the same for the two platforms are available where the game. The solution confuses users almost never easy to apply following the text. Similarly, we will [...]

The level 17, How to solve it

level 17

This is the hardest level we have done so far. The level 17 is one of the most difficult we have encountered. The solution to this level is unlike any other level. The level 17 has many objects, many that will be disturbed in the solution, but do not worry for that we are, we [...]

Level 16 solutions

level 16

The level 16 of 100 crypts is one of the most difficult about the first 20 levels. What is more difficult is what appears on the screen, something that has cost us a lot to overcome. And sure, there is no solution. Before you know the solution, we will give you some tips so that [...]

Level 15 | Solutions

level 15

If you’re in the game in the level 15 of 100 crypts, you will consider that it is very difficult, if you’re referring to in this post is probably why you can not solve this level 15, and you are finding it very difficult. This level has cost me a lot to overcome. In this [...]

Level 6 solutions

level 6

¿Have you reached to level 6? ¿Are you Not sure how to pass this level? Then, you’ve come to the right place, and that this time we will give some clues and then a final solution to level. Before starting with the tracks, we must say that solutions in 100 crypts, the best is not [...]